Friday, February 5, 2010

Add visual interest to your public speaking presentation with balloons, and other inflatable props

Balloons and other inflatable objects are inexpensive, easy-to-carry props that can perk up a presentation. They are sold at a wide variety of places like toy stores, party supply stores, and pool stores. You can inflate them quickly with a $15 foot pump. After your speech you might give one away as a memorable door prize.

For example, consider the following menagerie of metaphors:

1) The elephant in the room
2) Having to swim with the sharks
3) Being up to your posterior in alligators

Although fear of speaking can be regarded as “the elephant in the room” you should embrace it. For about $6 you can buy a 33-inch elephant balloon at Amazon, Target, or balloon suppliers that you can hug.

Both sharks and gators are sold as inflatable pool toys. There even are inflatable dinosaurs! You can get a 41-inch mylar shark balloon that you can hold up, or an 68-inch shark pool float that you can ride on.

Hearts are a popular symbol for Valentine’s Day. You can order an inflatable one from Archie McPhee. They also have inflatable turkeys and fruitcakes!

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