Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tongue-in-cheek guide to public speaking from Shaun Oakes

On October 13 Mr. Shaun Oakes, from Cape Town (South Africa), posted the following five tips in the The Shaun Oakes Guide to Public Speaking:

1. Don’t Bother Learning Your Material

2. Alienate and Antagonize Your Audience

3. Realise That People Want You to Fail

4. Repeat Yourself Often and… Repeatedly

5. Picture Yourself Naked in Front of an Audience

Shaun modestly claims to be Cape Town’s 23rd most popular blogger. He also claims to have a morbid fear of public speaking, clowns with supernatural powers, and the number 47.

Advising what NOT to do is an effective technique for getting attention and creating humor. I used it last year in a post about using flip charts.

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