Monday, November 2, 2009

Gallop Poll: A type of drive-by opinion survey

This time those cowboys asked questions first - rather than their usual strategy of shooting first and asking later.

The Frederic Remington western image popped into my head when I read the phrase “Gallop Poll” in an article that asked: Are These Your Top 10 Fears? The poll it mentioned was done by an organization named after its founder, George Gallup. They don’t really use horses.

You can find other references to Gallop Polls here and there, because they slip right through spell checking software. Careful proofreading by humans usually catches them though.

A year ago I discussed the gender gap in the well-known 2001 Gallup poll article on how Snakes top list of American fears. Their main results are shown in the following bar chart (click on it to enlarge).

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