Monday, March 16, 2015

What time is it where you will be giving your speech?

On March 11th at The presentation skills blog... Simon Raybould described having A comedy of presentation errors. When he arrived at 8:15 AM to set up for a 9:30 AM start, the venue forgot he was coming, so the meeting room had been left the way it was the previous day. He and they had to scramble to recover in time. Simon is located in Newcastle upon Tyne. England has just one time zone (as do China and India).

Over here in the U.S. we have additional time zone complications for travelers. When heading east you may find that it now is hours later than you think. To avoid having a worst moment, when you phone your client or call for a hotel reservation you should ask them to tell you what their time is right now.

Some states even have more than one time zone. In most cases the eastern part of a state is on the later one, and the western part is on the earlier one. How about an L-shaped state like Idaho?

The western edge for the states of Washington, Oregon, and California is the Pacific Ocean, so you would expect them to be on Pacific Time. All of Washington and California are. But, a small southeast part of Oregon is on Mountain Time so it matches with the adjoining southern half of Idaho. The narrow northern half of Idaho, due east of Washington, is on Pacific Time to match that state. The boundary between these time zones is the Salmon River, so Idaho County has two different time zones.

The state of Nevada also is on Pacific Time. It has casino gaming, while Idaho and Utah do not. But the city of West Wendover, Nevada officially is on Mountain Time, since it is just over the border from Utah. Also, the casino gaming destination of Jackpot, Nevada (just a mile south of the Idaho state line) unofficially observes Mountain Time.  
The time zone map came from Wikimedia Commons

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