Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Celebrating 500,000 page views

Today I’m celebrating reaching another milestone. This blog now has had a half-million page views. (It had 400,00 back in September of 2014).

That’s a large number. For my generation, it’s like, wow, man, the number of people who supposedly showed up and got stoned at the Woodstock music festival back in 1969. Earth Day (celebrated today) only started the next year, in 1970.

Another way to visualize a half-million is as larger than the population of some U.S. urban areas like  Provo-Orem, Utah (483,000), Wichita, Kansas (473,000), Des Moines, Iowa (450,000) or Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (444,000).

Still another way to visualize a half million is by using one-foot square floor tiles as a visual aid. First, think of laying out one row of 707 tiles (or just over seven boxes of a hundred). Then repeat that process 706 times. There will be 499,849 tiles. They will cover an area of almost 11.5 acres though.  

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