Tuesday, September 29, 2015

If you knew our company name, then you wouldn’t even open this envelope

In today’s mail I received what at first glance looked like a hand-addressed greeting card from Chris Thomas. (I photoshopped out the street address). When I recognized the return address, I began to laugh. It’s the main address for DirecTV. Last December I blogged about getting a phony greeting card from them, and this was just another.

DirecTV recently merged with AT&T, and has over 20 million subscribers. I’m a bit surprised that they still are trying to sneak up on prospects. In the latest Sunday Idaho Statesman they already had four-page ads both in the SmartSource and Redplum ad inserts.

But DirecTV also included a plain white envelope with just that same return address (and no name whatsoever). I didn’t bother to open that one. It went directly into my recycle bin.

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