Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Today once again it’s National Face Your Fears Day

One of my fears is that people will spread nonsense about what scares others.

At postpickle.com today there was a post by Mridul Dubey titled #FaceYourFearsDay Top 14 Things People Dread The Most that claimed:

“In a survey conducted across more than 7 countries, people revealed their worst fears and things that give them the creeps.”

But those percentages instead came from a well-known 1973 Bruskin survey just of U. S. adults I described in the most popular post on this blog titled The 14 Worst Human Fears in the 1977 Book of Lists: where did this data really come from?.

The image was modified from one of a trust promoter’s nightmare at the Library of Congress web site.

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