Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ignite Boise 2: Speeches from July 16, 2009

The videos from Ignite Boise 2 (held at the Egyptian Theater on July 16, 2009) are up on a YouTube Channel. They are an interesting collection of 16 public speeches on topics ranging from the small to the large (both literally and figuratively).

The Ignite format calls for a five-minute presentation with exactly 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. Wyatt Werner explains it in this video. In a previous post I likened Ignite to being drafted into a PowerPoint Marines Marching Band. The fixed time per slide is a serious constraint that these presenters were able to overcome, sometimes brilliantly. They manage to make it look easy, but it is really difficult.

Here are the titles and speakers (click to link to a video):

Why Geoscience Should Be One of Boise’s Targeted Industries - Tim Merrick

Don’t look now, but I think you might be a feminist - Adrean Casper

The Owls are Not What They Seem - Brian Bothwell

How being intentional alters ones reading experience- Amanda Patchin

The Last Covenant and the First Car to the Moon - Mike Boss

It’s the Message, Stupid! - John Foster

The Juice of the Barley - Wyatt Werner

Studio Style: artist’s togs and tasks - Jeremiah Robert Wierenga

The Secret Life of Everybody - Stephanie Worrell

If You Stick an Entrepreneur’s Head in an MRI What Would We See? - Norris Krueger

Why we all don’t live on the Beach? - Rich Taylor

Cosmic, Mechanistic, and Organic Cities - Martin Johncox

Barter Boise! - Kimmie Metez

Be Danger Ready - Jesse Murphy

How an evil band called the Eagles almost destroyed rock and roll - Jamie Cooper

Turkish Coffee - Brian Cohen

Links for most of the videos from Ignite Boise 1 are on this page. The missing one is by David Gapen of the Resueum on Wonders Inside of Useless Things. The Reuseum also did a rubber band dragster competition during the intermission at Ignite Boise 2.


Berkun said...

You might like this talk I gave about how to do an ignite talk, *in* the ignite format :)

Richard I. Garber said...


An excellent how- to speech! Thank you for sharing it.

The Ignite constraint of fixed time per slide isn’t the only way of making a brief presentation more difficult. In a previous post on January 25, 2009 about how to “Get out of a rut and add some pep” I suggested some other ways, in order of increasing difficulty:

1. Turn your presentation into a poem

2. Add music and turn it into a song

3. Sing your song a capella

4. Turn your song into a music video