Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mind mapping and idea mapping for planning speeches

An outline is not the only way to plan or organize a speech. If you prefer visual thinking, then you can use mind mapping or idea mapping. Draw a diagram with words, images, and lines to show how your central idea is related to your other ideas.

This YouTube video shows basic rules for making a mind map by using colored pens to draw on paper. Another video shows how computer software such as NovaMind can be used to draw and edit a map.

Here are three interesting examples of mind maps for public speaking:

1. Dave Curley shows a template that he uses for quickly creating a speech.

2. Fred E. Miller shows how his No Sweat Public Speaking approach includes both content and delivery.

3. IQ Matrix sells a big colorful mind map illustrating what is involved in Professional Public Speaking. At the very bottom of the page you can download a free black and white version.

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