Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Storytelling Know-How

Most public speakers can learn about gestures, vocal variety, and body language by watching storytellers. I just saw a recent DVD video by Rick Sowash about Storytelling Know-How for Teachers, Preachers, and Speech-ifiers. The Boise Public Library has a copy. He observes that most of us need to add more expression, to quit talking like we are on the telephone. You can download the accompanying discussion guide here.

Mr. Sowash is an Ohio character, mostly a composer and book author. In a newspaper interview he said:

"I've been a radio broadcaster, theater manager, innkeeper and a county commissioner in Richland County, Mansfield. I think I'm the only composer of classical music elected to public office in America."

You can view him presenting to a school audience from his Heroes of Ohio program here.

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