Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top 50 most common embarrassments for Brits

On September 7th Ladbrokes plc, one of the world’s leading betting and gaming enterprises, released the results from a survey of 2,000 people. They claimed the average person in Great Britain embarrasses himself four times a day. Forgetting people’s names was first, followed by tripping. Other results included that:

“A fifth of respondents have a public speaking nightmare that they’d rather forget – the biggest speaking blunder was having your voice break or squeak high-pitched unexpectedly.

The biggest embarrassments were most likely to have been work related for the majority of people, while stories involving things going wrong in front of the in-laws were also very common.

One in seven Brits says a relationship ended largely because something embarrassing happened.”

Number 50 on the list was having your towel stolen or taken while showering, and this was the subject for a 30-second television commercial with former footballer Chris Kamara.

The Top Fifty most common embarrassments were:

1. Forgetting someone’s name when introducing them

2. Tripping over in public

3. Getting someone’s name wrong

4. Getting food stains/splashes on your top

5. Waving at someone and they don’t see you

6. Getting food stuck in your teeth

7. Thinking someone’s waving at you when they aren’t

8. Being late

9. Forgetting where you parked

10. Burping accidentally

11. Getting lost

12. Having sweat patches

13. Snorting while laughing

14. Flies/ trouser zip being undone

15. Swallowing food the wrong way

16. Talking about someone not knowing they’re in earshot

17. Accidentally texting the wrong person

18. Dropping things in shop/supermarket

19. Someone trying to get in bathroom when you’re using it

20. Stalling your car at traffic lights

21. Running for public transport and it pulling away

22. Being honked at by a car

23. Making an error on the self-checkout

24. Treading in dog muck

25. Wearing odd socks

26. Being ID’d

27. Having bits of food on your face

28. Locking yourself out of the house

29. Getting stuck in clothing while trying it on

30. Getting too drunk at a wedding

31. Forgetting important documents

32. Having lipstick on your teeth

33. Dropping a drink in a pub

34. Treading on someone else’s shoes

35. Accidentally ‘liking’ someone’s Facebook picture you fancy/shouldn’t have looked at

36. Snoring on train

37. Putting clothes on inside out/upside down

38. Walking into lamppost

39. Accidentally calling someone mum/dad

40. Falling off a bike

41. Dribbling while sleeping on train

42. Seeing ink marks on your face

43. Leaving blobs of shaving foam on your face

44. Mum kissing you goodbye in public

45. Getting stuck in revolving doors

46. Accidentally cc’ing someone in an email about them

47. Shared something on social media that was meant to be a private message

48. Socks being tucked into your trousers

49. Accidentally sent a revealing picture to the wrong person

50. Having your towel stolen or taken while showering

The image came from a 1914 movie poster.

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