Sunday, December 9, 2012

In Brisbane a bloke’s biggest fear is running out of beer

In Idaho right now people already are skiing over at Sun Valley. As winter approaches, local TV news broadcasts here in Boise are including ski reports.

Meanwhile, down in the Southern hemisphere it’s almost summer. An article in the December 6th Brisbane Times proclaimed:

“It's usually spiders, heights and public speaking that rate highly as common worst nightmares, but as summer hits and the mercury hits the high 30s, Brisbane men have a new one: running out of beer.

According to shameless publicity by Great Northern Brewing Company, Brisbane men may fear running out of beer on a hot summer day worse than anything else.”

A bar chart based on that article about a survey shows the three biggest fears, which were running out of beer (33%), having no air conditioning (25%), and changing a flat tyre on the highway (23%). The article also suggested that Australian men should prepare for summer by putting an emergency beer map on the refrigerator, with a list of nearby bottle shops and pubs (and their opening and closing times). 

Another article in the next day’s Morning Bulletin mentioned two other fears: losing a marlin you reeled in and not having the television work for the Boxing Day Test. But, they didn’t cite any other percentages, or mention public speaking. 

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