Sunday, September 15, 2013

We’re number forty-four!

The Masters In Communication web site has just included this blog in their list Public Speaking 101: The Top Online Resources. They divided those resources into four categories:

46 sites under Public & Professional Speaking
25 sites under Presentation Blogs & Tools

9 sites under Speechwriting

21 sites under General Communication & Debate

Joyful Public Speaking was number 44 of the 46 sites in the Public & Professional Speaking category. How big of a deal is this? Not very.

That web site also has what they claim is a Detailed List of Campuses that have a Masters in Communication Program. No universities are listed here in Idaho, which is curiously incomplete since Boise State University has such a program. I know that because I have met one of their students, Jim Poston. In Utah only Westminster College in Salt Lake City is listed, although the University of Utah in that city also has a program. For Oregon only George Fox University and the University of Oregon are listed, although over in Portland both Portland State University and the University of Portland have programs.

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Public Speaking for Kids said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I think we should be looking at this more closely when we teach public speaking- it is subtle but very important.