Thursday, August 11, 2016

Saying ‘Look’ isn’t a good way to begin answering a question

On August 9, 2016 at the Playbook page for the American Management Association (AMA) Beth Noymer Levine wrote about Not A Good ‘Look...’ Avoid This Public Speaking Faux Pas. She was irritated by political commentators using that word frequently. It is self-centered rather than audience centered.

When I read her article I began laughing, since back on July 19th Stephan Pastis had a more specific Pearls Before Swine cartoon on that topic. His dialogue was: 

“Rat: Want to play a drinking game with me?

Goat: What is it?

Rat: You drink a beer every time a CNN political analyst begins their answer with the word ‘look’.

Goat: O.K. I’ll play for a few minutes.

Goat: (lying drunkenly on his back) Curse yoo, David Gergen.”

Another way you can irritate your audience is to tell them to Write This Down.

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