Friday, April 24, 2009

Watch haw u kuler ur slidez: a “Christmas Camouflage” Trifecata

Adobe has an online color selection tool called kul
er. Earlier this week Ellen Finkelstein posted on her blog about how to Find colors for your PowerPoint color scheme (theme colors) with Adobe kuler. In this previous post and another post I mentioned how you can unwittingly choose color combinations that become camouflage for folks with red-green color blindness. There is an online tool called Vischeck that you can use to check for these problems. I tried some theme colors from kuler using Vischeck. The image above this text shows what a theme called Indian Rush (shown at left for normal vision) would look like when viewed by persons with three different types of color blindness. For a deuteranope three of the five colors become an almost identical shade of olive drab! By Murphy’s law the decision maker viewing a PowerPoint presentation may well see a much less colorful version of the images than you intended. Deuteranope views of another three themes from kuler are shown below.

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