Sunday, August 4, 2013

Imagine your audience buried in heaps of laundry

I’ve previously blogged about figuring out that Winston Churchill was responsible for the silly advice to imagine your audience naked. The TV Tropes web site has a lengthy entry on that topic, and there even were both Dilbert and Savage Chickens cartoons.  

On July 9th, the Edinburgh Evening News published the latest variation, a joke by the Australian comedian Benny Boot:

“Fear public speaking? Imagine your audience with clothes on. More clothes. HEAPS MORE. Now it’s like you’re just talking to a pile of laundry.”

Benny also tweeted it. Watch a hilarious but profane ten-minute YouTube video of Benny’s standup. I love his use of the microphone stand as a prop for showing that a joke was dynamite.

The laundry image came from here.

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