Sunday, October 25, 2015

Something other than public speaking to fear for Halloween

Columbia is a city in northern mid-Missouri, 120 miles from both St. Louis and Kansas City. On October 24th KOMU TV 8 had an article on their web site titled Columbia residents worried about strange solicitor incidents which discussed how:

“Students from some apartment complexes throughout Columbia are expressing concern about strange solicitors coming to their doors. One resident Chris Menich said he got home Friday when he answered the door to a male asking him to take a survey.

...A similar incident occurred to resident Rachel Green.

‘It was some guy telling me he was doing some public speaking class and wanted to make sure his public speaking was ok and then he went into trying to sell me magazines,’ Green said.

Other residents who have contacted KOMU said details about the business and magazines were vague.

Both Green and Menich said the changing motive was not the only thing that made them feel uneasy during their encounters.

Both solicitors insisted on coming into the house to use a surface for writing.“

That’s a trick rather than a treat. There was a comedy sketch by Monty Python’s Flying Circus about an encyclopedia salesman who got past the door by claiming he instead was a burglar.

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