Monday, February 29, 2016

Is “improved” software choking your computer?

On February 24th at BrightCarbon Richard Goring blogged about how:

“...actually, one of the biggest contributors to slow PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 performance are little animations, or smooth transitions between one state and the next that Microsoft included in an attempt to make everything fit a touch environment more easily.”

Then he discussed how to disable those superfluous features to speed up that software.

That reminded me of my experience when I updated my iMac from Version 6 to Version 13 of Adobe Photoshop Elements. I got many more features, but few obvious benefits. The old version started with one mouse click. The newer version has an extra step of asking whether I want to run the Organizer or the Photo Editor.

In speech writing it also is important to remember that your audience wants to know about benefits not just features. See the eZanga article Benefits vs. Features: Sell the hole, not the drill.

The image was modified from one posted by Alex E. Proimos at Wikimedia Commons.

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