Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great Newspaper Columns on Public Speaking: Steve Adubato

There have been tons of newspaper articles about public speaking. Most are not worth reading. A shining exception is the columns written by Steve Adubato. He has a collection of them back to 2001 posted on his web site: http://www.stand-deliver.com/home.asp
On the top line of the home is a box labeled "Columns" If you mouse over it you can see four entries labeled NJ Biz, The (Newark, New Jersey) Star Ledger, Syndicated Columns, and MSNBC.com Columns.

Columns in the Star Ledger have a subject index that includes the topic of Presentation Skills & Public Speaking. A link to "So, what do I do with my hands" is: http://www.stand-deliver.com/star_ledger/050522.asp

If you click on NJ Biz you will find an archive of his columns in that New Jersey business journal saved as Acrobat files. They are not subject indexed, although several also are of interest. For example, the March 3, 2008 column is titled "Stop memorizing and start communicating" http://www.stand-deliver.com/njbiz/2008/030308.pdf
Some other recent ones include:
"No scripts, Index Cards with Great Presentations"
"The Power of the Purposeful Pause" http://www.stand-deliver.com/njbiz/2006/061906.pdf

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