Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Joy of cartoons


Presentations and public speaking occasionally are topics for cartoons. On August 7th Dilbert ended a presentation by thanking his audience for their utter apathy.

On July 8th, 9th, and 10th there was a series about public speaking. The first showed Alice becoming completely dehydrated by the thought of public speaking. The second had Asok with a very upset stomach. The third had the boss announce that he was sending Alice, Dilbert, and Asok to a public speaking class. The first cartoon was particularly hilarious to Dilbert fans because Alice, the brilliant engineer, is otherwise physically fearless. She wields the infamous Fist of Death, and also has kicked an Elbonian into his fur hat.

There also have been many Dilbert cartoons about PowerPoint. Last October Brent Dykes showed a collection of them in a blog post.

On July 6th there was a Savage Chickens cartoon about things to fear, both singly and in combination. Last week there was another thing to fear: the door-to-door podium salesman.

Last August there was a Pickles cartoon about combinations of fears. A 2005 Frank and Earnest cartoon imagined how the famous opening line, “Friends, Romans, and countrymen” might have been written. Back in 2003 Rose is Rose even had a Halloween costume related to public speaking.

You can find more cartoons about public speaking here.

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