Sunday, September 5, 2010

How ideas can fly

This blog just passed a milestone of 300 posts.

On Friday my previous post about how you should Do Some Jumping Jacks Before You Rehearse was mentioned on the Breaking Murphy’s Law blog in a post called called Heart to Heart. Today I was marveling about how an idea from a psychologist in Tempe, Arizona could fly around the world and wind up as a headline on Alltop - Top Speaking News.

Here is the sequence of people and locations, with the usual six degrees of separation:

1. Jim Afremow

2. Pete Williams

3. Corey M. Lee

4. Richard I. Garber


5. Olivia Mitchell
New Zealand

6. Lee W. Potts

1 comment:

Olivia Mitchell said...

Congratulations Richard on your 300th post. That's a great achievement!