Wednesday, January 5, 2011

State-of-the-art flipcharts

Really? What could possibly be new in flipcharts? Haven’t they been around almost forever for public speaking and other presentations.

Well, there now are some pads with an interesting combination of built-in tabletop easels and twenty self-stick pages that you can tear off and put on walls or whiteboards. That’s almost as great as the candy combination of peanu
t butter surrounded by chocolate in cups. Most conference or meeting rooms have an extra table or chair that could hold a little easel.

Self-stick pages that you can put up of a wall are a great idea for planning and brainstorming. I could have used them last year for collecting suggestions during the annual Toastmasters club quality evaluation presentation called Moments of Truth.

If your room has whiteboards, there also are plastic pages that can cling either to them or to walls via static electricity. You can write on them with the same erasable markers for whiteboards, so these pages can be used over and over.

The first image is from Raimond Spekking and the second is from FEMA.

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