Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don’t be a public speaking ninja!

In many action-adventure movies you will will find ninjas or commandos dressed in black from head-to-toe stealthily slinking around in the dark, accompanied by menacing background music. For example, watch this trailer from the 1990 film Navy Seals.

When you speak you shouldn't blend into your background, like both Kevin Trudeau and his sidekick do in the images shown above. Instead you should plan to wear clothing that provides contrast with your surroundings.

Standing in front of a whiteboard wearing a white shirt or blouse will turn you into a “snow ninja!” A portrait photographer can show what solid colors will work well for you.

If you are going to be on television or videotaped, then you should avoid wearing clothes with fine patterns. For example, I have a light-blue check shirt with a 17 lines-per-inch blue “graph-paper” pattern that would make distracting shimmering moire patterns. You also should be aware of other possible stage distractions like unwanted backlighting from wall sconces directly behind you.

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Dorothea Stuart said...

Like the image of the public speaking ninja! Hillary Clinton famously wore bright orange in 2008which made her stand out from the blue background at the Democrat National Convention. Good choice or too much? I think it worked well.