Friday, May 20, 2011

How one e-Book is marketed

When I Googled the phrase “public speaking” ten days ago, the 10th item on the results list was an e-Book on Surviving Speaking Disasters, written by Martin Ng. (If you click on the preceding link, a box pops up and then you have to click on OK to leave the page). 

The ad copy says that it normally sells for $97, but it’s on special for only $47 including three more bonus e-Books (valued at $241). There was a line marked UPDATE indicating that only 63 copies were left, both ten days ago and today.     

Then I looked around on the web site (using Google) and found his affiliate information indicating that you could earn a commission of $21.25 for each regular sale. There also are four Signatures, two Sample Emails, two Sample Ezines, and two Blog Reviews, etc.

Last month Nick Morgan told a wonderful story about how not rehearsing can lead to a disaster.

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