Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How is preparing a presentation like making a cup of coffee?

What matters is the final result, not the speechwriting process used to get there. You can begin by making an outline on note cards, or with word processing software. Or, you can draw a mind map either with colored pencils or computer software, or make a storyboard. Just do whatever works for you.

Over at Costco I’ve seen the Keurig and similar machines for quickly and conveniently making a single serving using a beverage cartridge or cup that costs about $0.50. Instead I still use a vintage white plastic Melitta filter funnel that fits on top of my mug. (A current version is called the Ready Set Joe). The $0.05 paper filter and $0.20 of coffee come from the Winco supermarket. Water gets heated in the microwave for less than two minutes. When I get bored with plain coffee, I add an ounce of DaVinci or Torani syrup (about $0.25). Right now I’ve got a bottle of DaVinci German Chocolate Cake flavor - which is supposed to combine the flavors of chocolate cake, caramel frosting, and toasted coconut.

Those fancy machines sometimes even have unwanted side effects. Earlier this month the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada recalled both a bunch of Tassimo coffee makers and some discs for them because they can spray the user and bystanders with hot liquid.

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