Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Women in the UK consider going to work without wearing makeup more stressful than public speaking

Tomorrow is National No Make-Up Day, and over in the UK, the Vitality Show TV program reported the startling results of a survey which found that:

“The notion of going bare-faced to work was rated more stressful than public speaking, attending a job interview and even a nerve-wracking first date. When asked what they worry about leaving the house without, 70% said ‘hair styling and make-up’, topping daily essentials such as a bank card (65%), cash (40%) or their diary (11%).

....While 70% women would not feel confident going to work without make-up on, 91% said they would cancel a first date rather than turn up bare faced. 31% would not go to the gym without make-up and astonishingly 1 in 6 women wouldn’t even answer the front door unless in full make-up.”

Similarly, in February, The Renfrew Center Foundation issued a press release about an online survey of women in the United States which found:

“Forty-four percent of women have negative feelings when they are not wearing makeup, reporting feeling unattractive (16%), self-conscious (14%) and naked/as though something is missing (14%). Only three percent of women said going without makeup made them feel more attractive.” 

The image is the cover of Puck magazine from back in September 27, 1911.

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Anonymous said...

It appears that the cosmetics company advertisements have done a great job in damaging the self esteem of women the world over.