Monday, December 17, 2012

Some thoughts on the Newtown, Connecticut massacre

I’ve been appalled by that massacre of twenty young children and six teachers last Friday at the Sandy Hook school. Last night on CSPAN I watched Governor Malloy and President Obama speak at the prayer vigil. You can read a transcript of the President’s speech. I thought he gave an adult response, in contrast with Mike Huckabee’s off-the-cuff remarks Friday. Yesterday Jay Heinrichs thoughtfully blogged that It’s not a tragedy.   

It was amazing to watch the broadcast and cable media do their saturation coverage just after that event, since it was located conveniently close to New York City.

Contrast that with media coverage of the Syrian Civil War, which has been going on for 21 months but is difficult to get near. Estimates are that at least 40,000 have been killed. Assuming 30 days per month, that’s 630 days, or a death toll averaging  at least 63 people per day. We can focus on a single horrible event, but the enormity of the toll from a continuing conflict escapes reporting.

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