Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The pause that refreshes, or thirsty Marco

During a televised speech a small movement may appear much larger, and delivery can become more memorable than content. Florida Senator Marco Rubio found this out on February 12th, when he gave the 14-minute Republican response to the president’s State of the Union speech. After 11 minutes he paused for a drink of water that turned into a news story, as shown in the following brief video.

Saturday Night Live described it as follows:

“You suddenly lunge to the side, all the while holding awkward eye contact with the camera, and then you take a drink from the tiniest bottle of water anyone’s ever seen, and then, for no reason, you set the bottle down even farther away.”

Comedy Central’s Colbert Report and Daily Show both did hilarious segments about it. Speech coaches like Max Atkinson, Corby Guenther, and Lou Hampton discussed it. Will this be the moment that forever defines Senator Rubio as thirsty, like when President Gerald Ford stumbled and fell down the steps from his plane? Time will tell. (Back in 1929 Coca Cola began using the phrase The pause that refreshes in their advertising campaigns, and they continued to use it in World War II).

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