Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do you give a speech or just deliver one?

Do you show up early, meet your audience, speak, and then discuss things later? Or, do you fly in, drop off a standard package, and fly away?

Is your interaction with your audience just superficial like:

"Here’s your pizza."

"There’s your money."

"See you later!"

How much you give will determine whether or not you have a lasting impact.

What does a speaker with zero audience engagement look like? Imagine a “bungee speaker” who jumps into the room, says some words, and then - sproing - he’s gone. (I got that mental image and sound from a 1994 Dilbert cartoon about a Bungee Boss, and seeing a Slideshare article by Akash Karia. My inspiration for the title was Rich Watts blog post last October 29th).

Images of the Navy pizza guy and bungee jumper came from Wikimedia Commons. 

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