Monday, June 9, 2014

An off-target comment from Best DISSERTATION Services

 Back in January I had a post titled Don’t just get on the bandwagon! Find your own speech topic and approach. Last week I got a comment about it from Best DISSERTATION Services who sell in the UK and also have a blog. Their blogger, Vestri Vel, asked me to:

“Kindly share more information.”

That’s pretty silly since my post already had labels that linked to four topics: planning (with 42 posts), research (with 68 posts), ruts (with 3 posts), and speech topics (with 17 posts).

The Dissertation Writing web page for Best DISSERTATION Services includes a statement that:

“Our cheap dissertation writing services provide you a complete high quality dissertation without any errors.”

I doubt it, since captions to the scrolling animated images on their home page include both:

“With Smiley FACE Your Resit Diseertation”

“Make rite choice to write your dissertation.”

The archery target came from Wikimedia Commons.


Vetri Vel said...

dissertation spelling wrong..?
Resit dissertation writing services

Richard I. Garber said...


The spelling of dissertation was wrong on the home page I mentioned, but right on the one you just linked to.