Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Is anyone still celebrating Freedom from Fear of Public Speaking Week?

Not that I can find easily. So, by mentioning it I’m feeling a bit like Linus van Pelt sitting in a very sincere patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin

Back in 2011 I blogged about Celebrate Freedom from Fear of Public Speaking Week, or Day, or Month. The rather overblown month is mentioned here, here, and here.

For me, this week is an excuse to dig out another version of that iconic World War I U.S. Army recruiting poster and recaption it, as is shown above.

My older versions seem to have been borrowed and reposted both in the UK and Australia.


Yesterday Beverly Beuermann-King, who had started this event as a day in 2008, and switched it to a week in 2009, went back to calling it just a day. She’s welcome to also use one of my recaptioned recruiting posters rather than a cartoon turtle.

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