Friday, October 24, 2014

What is a survery?

Presumably a survery is a survey that is stored electronically on a surver (like the rack mount one shown above. Actually it’s a humorous typo that shows up occasionally, like in a blog post on April 15th from the Eliot Management Group titled Crafting a Customer Survery. It also popped up on February 10th in a news article on the web site for the Independent (Ireland) which noted:

“In a worldwide survery of 9,417 internet users from France, Germany, India, Singapore, the US and the UK, around 14pc of users in India said they spent 12 hours a day or more on the internet.”

Servery is a real word that refers to a room or area from which meals are served. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary more specifically says it is either a butler's pantry or:

“a service alcove with counter or buffet between dining room and kitchen.” 

The related phony George Bush-ism, strategery, is shown in a brief YouTube video.

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