Sunday, November 2, 2014

Great storytelling can enliven a seemingly dull subject

Before your airliner takes off there is a mandatory safety briefing that tells passengers how to:

A. Use your seat belt

B. Use an emergency oxygen mask

C. Brace for a crash landing

D. Find an emergency exit

E. Locate and use a flotation device


This can be quite boring when done live by a flight attendant. It can also make for a boring video, even if you spend some money to dress up the flight attendants (and perhaps a pilot), and show some pretty scenery.

When you get creative, like Air New Zealand, you instead can produce The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made. It involves the audience and welcomes them to Middle Earth.

If you instead just want to bore people, you could make Safety is global - United inflight safety video. At  4:34 it’s actually four seconds shorter than the Air New Zealand video, but I agree with Consumerist, who described it by United Fliers, Prepare to Be Bored By This Punishingly Long “Humorous” Safety Video.  


Air New Zealand's 2012 An Unexpected Briefing was not as good, since it just took place inside a plane.

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