Monday, September 7, 2015

Zach Leatherman presents A Hypocrite’s Guide to Public Speaking

This morning item 31 of 65 on my Google Alert on public speaking was a 17-minute YouTube video of a presentation by Zach Leatherman which humorously covers the following list:

1]   Picking the right topic.

2]   Don’t start your talk with an apology.

3]   Preparation is probably the most important thing.

4]   Be concise.

5]   The audience is your ally.

6]   The most inclusive language is clean language.

7]   Relax. Take a deep breath.

8]   Have a backup plan.

9]   Engage the audience.

10] Don’t blindly follow someone else’s rules.

Watch it!

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darrellben said...

I really enjoy this blog.
All communication uses the same techniques as proper joke telling.
Everything we say has a set up, and a payoff (punch line).