Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Beware of stilted language

The online Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines stilted as an adjective meaning:    

“A]  pompous, lofty 
  B]  formal, stiff”

A Google search on the word glossophobia led me to an article by Mark Migger at ATV Global with the curious title Geek Converse - Tech Discuss - Community Talking on Engineering Subjects that contained this sentence with some curious phrasing:

“....You may perhaps be excellent a providing speeches but come to feel reluctant to discuss about technology or you may perhaps have the skills and just have a typical panic of general public talking (regarded as Glossophobia).”

An awkward phrase like general public talking suggests that the article was stitched together for a content mill by an algorithm rather than written by a human. Public speaking or speaking in public are better phrases. 

Mark has another article titled Pie Recipe - Easy Recipe for a Delicious Apple Pie containing the following sentence:

“.... Fruit pie’s are the very hot favored all more than the entire world, and is quite often served with ice product.”

He didn’t say which other planets he’d also visited to decide fruit pies were favored more than this one.

An image of statues on stilts came from Wikimedia Commons.

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