Saturday, December 17, 2016

Catching typographical errors is important for everybody

If you have typos in your presentation, or blog post, or tweet, then some folks will rightly conclude you are not either serious or professional.

Today at her Speechwriter-Ghostwriter blog Jane Genova posted on The Donald’s Misspelled Tweet - So? She claimed Donald Trump didn’t have to get his spelling of unprecedented correct. Jane referenced a Daily Mail article which said:

“ 'China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters - rips it out of water and takes it to China in unpresidented act,' Trump wrote in a misspelled tweet.

Trump deleted his original tweet, posted at 4.30am, after he was ridiculed online and later issued the same message with the correct spelling.”

In her blog post Jane also speculated:

“It could have been deliberate. Those wanting attention in a noisy world have always played with the rules.

The tactics range from seeming ‘mistakes’ in grammar to misspellings to turning nouns into verbs.”

If that was true, then why did he delete it and then tweet a corrected version?

I found it hilarious that her blog post giving The Donald a free pass was just after one titled Hillary Clinton’s Gala - Lousy Timing with a graphic titled Appearance Is Everything, and just before another titled Cover Letters - Unless You’re Donald Trump that pontificated:

“The cover letter is our first introduction to a prospective employer or client. First impressions count for everything.

Each aspect of the cover letter should be perfect. That must include correct spelling of words and proper grammar.”

One of Jane’s blog posts on December 9th originally was titled Investing in Litiagation - Beyond the Usual Risk. She eventually caught that misspelling of Litigation, but you can still find it buried in the web address for that post.

More alarming was that on November 18th she put up the exact same blog post (Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes & Superlawyer David Boies Part Company) three times in a row.

Mr. Trump just should stop tweeting. I can picture how a tweet of his gone horribly wrong will start World War Three. After some late-night phone negotiations he will mean to tell a prime minister:

“Why don’t you tuck yourself into bed, and we’ll continue in the morning?”

But, he’ll type an f instead of a t, accidentally hit return too early, and send:

“Why don’t you f*ck yourself”

UPDATE December 28, 2016

 Another example is a recent blog post by John Sadowsky that now is titled How to lose an election but originally said How to loose an election, as is shown above via a Google Search. 

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