Saturday, March 11, 2017

There will be no more Drunken TED Talks

Parody can be fun. But eventually it can wake up the lawyers for that brand, and they have no sense of humor. Back on November 25, 2014 there was an article by Katie Toth in the Village Voice about writer Eric Thurm titled This Guy Knows How to Make TED Talks Interesting: Get the Speakers Drunk. This live performance comedic nonsense went on for years and and even had a YouTube channel.

Now things have hit the fan as reported at Rooster,com in an article titled Drunk TED Talks transform the way we watch people rant about nothing and another at titled TED Talks Sends a Cease-and Desist Notice to its Drunk Alter Ego, Drunk TED Talks.

TED without Talks is ok legally. There are movies titled TED and TED 2  featuring a talking teddy bear with off-color humor.

An image of A toast in the Idun Society came from Wikimedia Commons.

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