Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pump up your presentation with inflatable props


On April 25th at Presentation Guru there was an excellent guest post by John Zimmer titled How to “Prop Up” your Next Presentation. But John missed one type of compact, inexpensive props – inflatables. I blogged about them in a February 5, 2010 post titled Add visual interest to your public speaking presentation with balloons and other inflatable props.

You can find obvious ones like a set of six zoo animals (elephant, giraffe, lion, monkey, tiger, zebra) for $22 at Amazon.

There are less obvious ones elsewhere. Suppose you want to talk about a unicorn (a startup company that is valued at over one billion dollars). For $8 at Archie McPhee you can find an 11” long inflatable horn to wear. Want a gag for a Toastmasters meeting? They also have 5” x 5-1/2” Emergency Inflatable Toast on sale for $3 instead of the usual $5.

On January 15, 2014 I blogged about An outrageous prop for a serious purpose – the giant inflatable colon.

The image of a balloon vendor is from Wikimedia Commons.

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