Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A humorous story about ‘healing’ a laptop computer with a dim screen


Sometimes having faith in an employee can heal dimly understood technology. At Computerworld there was a Shark Tank article on October 16, 2017 titled Hey, a little showmanship never hurt anyone! It described someone who was asked by an executive in a nearby office what was wrong with her new laptop computer.

The monitor brightness adjustment was a thumbwheel (like the tuning control shown above on a radio) on the frame around the screen, and she accidentally bumped it to dim.

The employee put a hand on each side of the frame, and slid them both down while commanding the computer to Heal! Of course, it was healed to normal brightness.

A long time ago one of Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoons was titled Appliance Healers. That healer  said:
“I command the foul demons that have clogged this vacuum cleaner to come OUT!”

The faith healer was adapted from an 1896 carton at the Library of Congress, while the image of a transistor radio came from Wikimedia Commons.

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