Thursday, February 8, 2018

Our president has almost no hair!

Every once-in-a-while a fresh wind comes in, and the carefully stage-managed illusions of pomp and circumstance are blown aside to momentarily reveal the truth. On February 2nd a 7-mimute video recording was made of a Marine Helicopter arriving and Air Force One preparing to depart. Some sharp-eyed folks edited a cropped version. On February 7th we finally got to see a brief clip of what Donald Trump’s hair really looks like (without the usual Make America Great Again cap holding it in place). Watch at the 3-minute mark to see his comb-over blow over into a mohawk.

The media had a field day. At the New York Post Mark Moore had an article titled Trump’s bad hair day gets worse after gust of wind. The next day there was another article by Gabrielle Fonrouge on how Trump’s very bad hair day is gold for late-night comics. Snopes had an article titled Is this Trump’s hair blowing in the wind? which proclaimed it indeed was TRUE. Suitable sound track music would be Randy Newman’s song, You Can Leave Your Hat On.

I suspect this may be a defining moment of his presidency. So sad! :)

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