Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Body movement tips for public speakers from Andrew Dlugan

On July 22nd there was an excellent blog post by Andrew Dlugan about Body movement tips for public speakers. He focused on what you should (and shouldn’t) do with your lower body rather than hand gestures or facial expressions. (Back on September 16, 2015 I had blogged to Please look at Andrew Dlugan’s Six Minutes blog about speaking and presentation skills).

You shouldn’t look like a clumsy giant attempting a ballet dance, as is shown above. Andrew said to avoid these seven things:
1]   Pacing back and forth (oscillation #1)

2]   Swaying or rocking front to back (oscillation #2)

3]   Yo-yo-ing between screen and laptop (oscillation #3)

4]   Tripping over anything or falling off stage

5]   Any movement that could result in injury

6]   Any movement that leads to an awkward or revealing position

7]   Any full-body movement that distracts while you deliver key lines

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