Monday, November 23, 2009

Public speaking without vomiting

On November 10th the Detroit Free Press published an article titled Public speaking needn’t make you nauseous. One of their staff writers had attended a seminar by Donna Marie, a speaking consultant and life coach, which had the same title as this post. It certainly is a memorable title, but not in a positive way. For me nausea and vomiting will always be associated with very unpleasant experiences involving motion sickness. How about you?

Ms. Marie’s web page also describes her program as Public Speaking Without Vomiting, the SPEAK E-Z in Front of Groups workshop. In a previous post I asked Will your title draw people in or turn them away. Would you be much more likely to spend $159 for a workshop titled:

A) Speak E-Z in front of Groups

B) Public Speaking Without Vomiting.

My vote is for A), since vomiting disgusts me. How about you?

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