Sunday, April 11, 2010

A blog or web page needs a great title!

My last post led to some comments from Audrey Selig. I had pointed to her hub page (or blog) which is titled How to Become a Good Public Speaker. In her comment she said she checked it out and good speaker was a good tag. Well, maybe what she really needs instead is a great title. Hint – Tom Antion calls his blog Great Public Speaking.

Audrey already wrote an eHow article titled How to Present a Captivating Speech, so perhaps her page title should contain a word like captivating, compelling, or superlative instead of just plain good.

When I glanced at her page title, I thought that just was the title of the current article, which actually is Plan by Mapping Your Speech. She tries to explain a mind map using words alone. I think that topic instead cries out for an image showing an example. When I discussed Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping for Planning Speeches I linked to three examples of what maps look like (and two videos).

Audrey also asked if I could link to her site. I only link to a handful of blogs that I read regularly.

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