Thursday, April 8, 2010

Create magnetic titles or headlines: use great, not just good

Recently I found two articles titled How to Become a Good Public Speaker, and How to Be a Good Public Speaker. Those are not magnetic headlines that would draw in a reader, or titles that would entice someone to attend a presentation. Instead, please consider using either:

How to Be a Great Public Speaker, or

How to Be the Best Public Speaker That You Can Be

A superlative like great is powerful; a low-level comparative like good is not.

Kellogg’s has sold mass quantities of (Sugar) Frosted Flakes breakfast cereal to both adults and kids. Their cartoon mascot Tony the Tiger always proclaims that THEY’RE GREAT.

Back when I was a child the Sears Roebuck catalog commonly listed three categories for each type of product: good, better, and best. Good was not very good. Better grade shirts were so well made that I got them after my older brother outgrew them, and then my younger brother finally wore them out.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog as I am also a Toastmaster. My blog on hubpages is one of the ones that you suggested using a term other than good speaker. I am new at blogging and learning SEO, so I need lots of help. I believe that I checked it out and that good speaker was a good tag. My hub has not had much traffic. Also, I have tried to change titles and had trouble. I guess I will check this out and try again. Thanks. brakel2

Audrey's Space said...

Hi - It is me again brakel2 Audrey Selig. I was wondering about linking to your blog and you could link to mine. Doesn't that help traffic? Answer in your blog or email me.