Friday, April 23, 2010

Story, story night

Next Monday evening, April 26th, there is a public storytelling event in Boise at the Linen Building. The theme for this month’s ten-minute featured tales is Busted!: Stories about getting caught. Featured storytellers will be:

Nick Garcia, a comedic actor and associate director at Alley Underground.

Beret Norman, an associate professor of German at Boise State University.

Phil Gordon, the principal attorney at Gordon Law Offices.

Following an intermission there will be a story slam in which audience participants whose names are chosen out of a hat also can tell a five minute tale on the theme.

The next event will be on May 24, and the theme will be Crushes: stories of sudden infatuation.

The Story, Story Night web site doesn’t bother to explain where the name came from. I guess that it is borrowed from the opening line of Vincent (Starry starry night), a Don Maclean song about Vincent Van Gogh.

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Jessica said...

Thank you for covering our event in your blog. And you're totally right about the origins of the name! Hope to see you at Story Story Night!