Friday, May 7, 2010

Why Alltop Speaking Isn’t

Guy Kawaski’s Alltop feed aggregator claims to give you all the top sites. I counted that its current lineup for Speaking has 77 items, and a Most Topular Stories list. Most of Alltop Speaking is worthwhile content, and I enjoy reading some of it when I have the time. A few items just are feeds of tweets, from Tony Robbins and Kevin Eikenberry.

However, there is one pile of drivel in there. It is a blog titled The Next Meeting that seems to have very little to do with speaking. Right now it also is showing up as black print on a dark gray background. The current posts have the following five inane titles:

Credit Card For Poor Credit Guide

Several Gain Of The Utility Carports

Real Estate Investing Tool & Tips

The Excellent and Beneficial Treatment of Packaging Material

The Advantages of Housing Estate Saving

A screen shot with the three opening paragraphs from Several Gain of the Utility Carports is shown above, followed by a more readable version edited by sliding both brightness and contrast way up. The content also is forgettable. It seems to be an Australian newsletter filler piece on how to build an inexpensive shelter for your car, written in very poor English.

What is more curious is that a Whois lookup shows the site owner to be Thomas Sechehaye who actually puts out some reasonable content on the topics of both presentation storyboarding and strategic storyboarding.

I was scratching my head about why he might be putting out The Next Meeting this way, and finally concluded that it must be a bad joke, like the front page of The Onion. Or, perhaps someone else has just hijacked the site.


Guy Kawasaki's Blog said...

I deleted the The Next Meeting from It will be gone in one hour from our site. Next time, just email me: when you see an issue.



Olivia Mitchell said...

Hi Richard

Great to see that Guy (or at least his blog!) responded.

Email him to ask for your blog to be included. You deserve to be there.