Friday, November 19, 2010

Remembering how to do Table Topics

In a previous blog post on September 22nd I mentioned "Handi-speech," using the fingers on your left hand as a simple way to keep track of your progress while doing an impromptu speech.

At my Toastmasters club meeting on Wednesday one of our members presented the Impromptu Speaking program from the Better Speaker series. It also suggests following a five-step procedure for a Table Topics speech (which you also can do using your fingers):

1. Listen (to the question)
2. Pause (to collect your thoughts)
3. Confirm (by restating the question)
4. Tell (by responding to the question)
5. End (summarize your main point)

You can view a PowerPoint presentation that explains these steps and some strategies in more detail.

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Noel Byrne said...

Hey Richard,

Great post AND slide show, I have book-marked both:o)

I recently joined a Toastmasters club and was so inspired by the Table Topics session I started a little mobile web app here:

Your five pointers look very handy, I may write them on my fingers for our clubs next meeting (seriously :o) You make a good point too... you’re not really expected to know the subject of the table topic but instead use the opportunity to develop public speaking skills for situations where you might actually know about the subject you’ve been asked to speak about. Very practical and helpful, thank you!