Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordle for making tag clouds

A tag cloud is a visual representation of the words on a web site (or in a document). Their relative size is used to show
how frequently they appear. Sometimes they are shown alphabetically. A bar chart also could show frequency, but a cloud is a less clumsy visual aid.

In his All About Presentations blog Vivek Singh recently discussed how to Create Free Tag Clouds with Wordle. I tried playing with Wordle by putting the address for my blog into the box on the Create page. There are lots of options you can apply later to change how the cloud looks.

You can make it vertical with a light background (I rotated this one and then made the background light green with Photoshop Elements):

You also can make it horizontal with a dark background:

You can just use the text from a single po
st, like my one shown above about the Four Minute Men.

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