Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 World Championship of Public Speaking

Last Tuesday Toastmasters issued a press release about how In the World's Largest Speech Contest, 82 Toastmasters Advance to the Semifinals. As shown above, those 82 at the District level are the latest step of a process that began with 30,000 participants. Then nine will be selected as finalists, and one will be named as the World Champion. Many of the champions have careers either as professional speakers or as speech coaches.

In 1970 Stephen D. Boyd was the World Champion. He was only 26. The next year he finished a Ph.D. in Speech Communication at the University of Illinois and became a professor. He’s written books, and continues to produce a stream of readable magazine articles like:

Toss the Gum Before You Speak (Agency Sales, July 2009)

Get Rapt Attention from Your Audience: nine strategies for organizing your presentation
(SuperVision, December 2009)

Speak So Your Students Can Speak (Techniques, January 2008)

Effectively Integrating Statistics into Sales Presentations (Agency Sales, December 2004)

The Presentation After the Presentation (Techniques, March 2004)

The Presentation Before the Presentation (Agency Sales, June 2002)

If you were looking for who won the 2011 contest, then go here.

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