Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Overcoming public speaking anxiety - free videos from a university course

Back in January the University of California at Davis had a graduate-level course (GEO 298) on Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety with nine lectures.  They posted their  unedited video files on YouTube:

Lecture 1: Class introduction (41 minutes)

Lecture 2: An overview of anxiety with Sharon Sausto Lasser (61 minutes)

Lecture 3: Reducing public speaking anxiety, with Michael Motley (58 minutes)

Lecture 4: Methods and resources for reducing anxiety (53 minutes)

Lecture 5: How to organize your presentation (35 minutes)

Lecture 6: Organizing your presentation and audience analysis (9 minutes)
Lecture 7: Effective use of presentation aids (49 minutes)

Lecture 8: Computer visual aids; the good, the bad, and the ugly (48 minutes)

Lecture 9: Speaking to non-academics (45 minutes)

They also posted the video files as free downloads on the Apple iTunes store. These are large files, about 1Gb each, so think before you try putting them onto an iPod or other portable device.

It’s nice to find some serious university level stuff on YouTube, along with clips of humorous animal tricks, etc.

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